Affichage des articles du août, 2017

Jasmine Fragrance

Hair:Phoenix, Chloé Bustier:Yokai, Jasmine Fragrance Gacha (RARE) for The Enchantment Arm:Spirit Gift Wings:Evermore, Tenshi no Tsubasa Gift
Pose:Kirin, Rika 5 for Kustom9

Queen of the light

Hair:Sintikila, Caramella Duo Horns:Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Necklace:Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Shoulders: Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Top armor:Mushilu, DevilJUfor The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Boots:Mushilu, DevilJU for The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The White World

Hair:::Exile::, Liaison Necklace:::Exile::, Liaison Eyes:CURELESS, Collyrium Eyes Tears:CURELESS, Dramatic! Showa Sparkles Set & Skirt:Kaithleen's, Silky Latex for Cosmopolitan

Thinks to you

Hair: elikatera, Thea
Headband: *Lode*, Begatiba Wreath Gacha for TheChapter Four
Dress:Kaithleen's, Sheer Lace for FetishFair
Flower: *Lode*, Blossom Single Peony

The darker side of me

Hair:Moon, Smother
Tears and Tattoo:CURELESS Bandeau:*N*, Angels with closed eyes Top:NANA, Monique Harness for Suidide Dollz Wings:Yokai, Color of the night Gacha Sword:Luas, Midori Sai Gift for The Epiphanie

Child of Nature

Hair:Monso, Jane Horns:Yokai, child of nature for Fantasy Gacha Carnival Elf:Yokai, child of nature for Fantasy Gacha Carnival Fur:Una, Garona for Fantasy Gacha Carnival Skirt:Una, Garona for Fantasy Gacha Carnival Belt:Una, Garona for Fantasy Gacha Carnival Horns Back:Una for Fantasy Gacha Carnival

In the sky

Hair:Due, Shuai Dress:Una, Mayorette RARE for TheGacha Garden Jacket:Una, Mayorette Gacha for TheGacha Garden Sticks:Una, Mayorette Star Stick  Gacha for TheGacha Garden Hat:Una, Mayorette Gacha for The GachaGarden Unicorn:Yokai, Moondance Gacha Stars:Aerial, Stars in the bubble Clouds:Yokai, Cat's Magic Gacha 

Autumn Light

Hair:elikatera, Mel Hat:Una, Militar for KinkyEvent Jacket:Una, Militar for KinkyEvent Top and Bottom:Una, Militar for KinkyEvent